November Skater of the Month


1. What is your first skating memory?

It has to be skating in my basement during the winter months, which was around 8 months in Buffalo. I can’t tell you how many pairs of Rainbow Bright Roller Skates I burned through over the years. Let say, my mom didn’t mind replacing them as long as it kept me busy J

2. It seems that everybody in Derby excels at something in particular. Do you have any signature moves?

No. I like to reinvent myself and continually learn new moves. I feel that there are a million things a derby player can improve on, since we play both offensive and defense. Plus, all of the girls we play against come in with their own strengths that you have to be ready to counter act.

3. What excuse do you regularly use when playing derby?

I can’t jam because I’m too OLD. However, after meeting some remarkable people, who are the same age as me or older, I’ve come to determine that’s just my own crutch and age is not a factor, but determination is. Pleading the 5th on making excuses for my penalties.

4. You’ve went from player, to co-captain, to captain in a very short time. Were you ready for this?

Not really, but it’s such an honor to be Captain of such an amazing group of derby girls. Plus, I’m so invested in Arkham and care about what happens that I would do whatever it takes to bring each player to the next level. We are pretty cohesive unit and learn a lot from each other. I’m also very fortunate to have some amazing players on our team that have quite a bit of experience that they constantly share.

5. Derby can be very emotional sport with a lot of highs and lows. What was one of your best and worst memories?

Hands down, the best memory was winning MVP Blocker at one of the travel games. The only reason why this beats our season ending win, is because that team was so high caliber and for them to recognize me as a threat was awesome. One of my worst memories was playing in an away game and I ended up fouling out. I’m definitely NO stranger to the penalty box, but in this case I felt as if the one ref was targeting me and it caused me to get discouraged. Whenever, I go out on the track I want to give it my all, but in this situation it backfired.

6. Similar to the sorting hat scene from Harry Potter, the new girls will be placed onto one of the three teams in the next few months. What advice would you give them?

No matter what team you are placed on, it’s important to realize you were selected based on your skills, potential, and ability to fit in. The captains truly feel that you’d be an asset to that team, even if you don’t see it right away. Don’t get discouraged. Who knows, some day you may end up as a captain.

7. Is there anything else, you’d like to do?

Yes, this may sound cheesy, but I’d love to practice with the girls in my hometown. I had a chance to go to one of their games and they are AMAZING!!! It seems that when I go home I never have the time…BOO. I believe you can learn so much from going to other teams practices. Every time I’m away I try to hit one up.