October Skater of the Month – Latina Meandina


How did you decide on your derby name and number?

I wanted to incorporate my name and I went back and forth with a lot of names that included blue (my favorite color), Lu or Lucy, my nickname, but there were already too many variations on twoevils.org. One of the parents at my school suggested Latina Medina. I turned that name in to the league, but on the deadline day I changed it to Meandina (Medina was not derby enough).  Latina for my Spanish heritage and Meandina for the mix of last name and a little fear. My number 413 represents two things: It is the order of birth months for my 3 children, youngest to oldest and it’s also the area code from my 30 year stomping grounds Springfield, MA.

What initially inspired you to play derby?

I have always loved to skate, growing up I learned to skate at the Boys and Girls club (old school metal skates that you use with your sneakers and adjust with a key on the bottom and two belt like straps to hold your feet in place) but none the less I learned very quickly.  I skated every Friday night at the Boys and Girls Club gym for .25 cents and every Sunday night $2.00 ladies night at the local skating rink. Sandra Double D mentioned the recruitment to me and I decided to check it out.  I haven’t looked back since.

Thinking back, what was one of the most intimidating things about recruitment?

The most intimidating thing was the younger recruits and the girls who had skated on teams with other leagues before. Greenbay made everyone feel comfortable and treated us all like her children. Gotta love mama GB for pushing me and not letting me quit.

Many girls/women, say they are too old to play derby.  What advice would you give to them?

Age has nothing to do with playing roller derby or any other sport. If you enjoy skating don’t let your age or people tell you not to skate because you are too old.  There were three of us at our recruitment that were over 40, that didn’t stop any of us, and all three of us are on a team.  What is that old saying? Age is just a number…….. I just want to say that my number is 47. OLD and proud, I skate it with pride.

What would we bust you listening to before practice?

Clubhouse, freestyle, bachata, and don’t sleep on the uplifting music of Z88.3.

You’ve now been playing part of a season, what is one of your best game memories?

The only thing I remember was the rush, and how much fun it was to play.  I was really nervous about playing my first game, but the Slammers were very supportive and we only lost by 7 points to Arkham in the season closer.  I say not bad for an old chick on her first game.

What does your alter ego do for fun?

My alter ego likes to relax with a good book, catch up on sleep, shop, and go to the beach.


On a side note I wanted to say that I was quite shocked when my name was called on the final testing day to join the ranks of some of the very strong, powerful, and hard hitting females both on and off the track that I have ever met. Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls are not just a group of women who enjoy the sport of roller derby but most of all, they are family. I am proud to be a part of this league.