Straight Jackettes vs. Rebel Belles

Your OPCDG Straight Jackettes are making their way to Palm Harbor this Sunday to play the Rebel Belles! Sunday, August 3rd, 3PM at Sunderman Recreational Complex 1631 9th St, Palm Harbor, FL You can visit the Rebel Belle’s website here. We welcome all OPCDG fans to join us and cheer on your favorite derby girl!

Sunnyland Slammers vs. Arkham Assailants MVPs

Congratulations to the Sunnyland Slammers on their first victory of 2014! Here are your MVPs: Sunnyland Slammers MVP Blocker: Velocislappedher MVP Pivot: Devil’s Songbird MVP Jammer: Shod N. Froyda Arkham Assailants MVP Blocker: Mykillangelo MVP Pivot: Thrash Bandicoot MVP Jammer: Dahmer’s Dearest And your Fan Favorites: Sunnyland: Mistress-Toxica Arkham: Amina Acid And a big thank Read more about Sunnyland Slammers vs. Arkham Assailants MVPs[…]