Breko Bones

Breko Bones


Pronouns: she/her


In what year did you start playing roller derby?


Is there a story behind your name?

My parents rescued two kittens post Hurricane Andrew, one of which was named Breko. My mom says he would sleep next to her belly when she was pregnant with me, and we were fast besties once I was born. I still consider him a spirit guide of sorts. Bones was tacked on the end just to sound cool.

What’s your favorite Orlando theme park ride?

The Mummy… duh!

Everyone loves restaurant recommendations. Which Orlando area restaurant would you tell people to check out?

Does ice cream count? Sampaguita is my recommendation! The soy sauce butterscotch is unreal, and dare I say, the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

Into which Hogwarts house would you be sorted?