Be the Toe

Pronouns: any/all


In what year did you start playing roller derby?

Umm 2017

Were you previously a member of another league?

My first league was Hard Knox Roller Derby

Is there a story behind your name?

My name was a joke name a few tem members came up with and tried to pin on someone. They started calling me it and I always told myself if my team gave me a name I’d stick with it…. So here we are lol

Did you have any previous athletic or skating background before starting roller derby?

Lol what are sports?

Tell us about your gear!

High top antik skates for me only and always (ankle support)

We all end up in the penalty box at some point. Which penalty is your favorite and why?

Ohh man I do love a good track cut 🤣

What’s your favorite Orlando theme park ride?

Rockin Roller Coaster

What’s your favorite Orlando activity that isn’t a theme park?

Trail skates!

Into which Hogwarts house would you be sorted?