Pronouns: she/her



Officials - Non-Skating Official

In what year did you start playing roller derby?


Is there a story behind your name?

I love the UCF Knights, and I wanted something punny with my name in it.

Did you have any previous athletic or skating background before starting roller derby?

Tumbling, Belly dancing, and Aerial. Never skated until I joined – Although I was a roller waitress when I worked at Sonic Drive Inn back in the early 2000’s…

Tell us about your gear!

My gear keeps me safe.

We all end up in the penalty box at some point. Which penalty is your favorite and why?

“cutting the track” because you can bring a jammer back further than they went out of bounds.

What’s your favorite Orlando theme park ride?

The Hulk – its just a classic. I love Buzz Lightyear

What’s your favorite Orlando activity that isn’t a theme park?

Going to breweries, taking my kids to the Science center or Playgrounds, biking trails

Everyone loves restaurant recommendations. Which Orlando area restaurant would you tell people to check out?

Lazy Moon for Pizza, Gringos Locos for Tacos, Sushi Pop for Fancy date night, Little Greek for Greek, Polite Pig for BBQ, Kelly’s for Ice cream, and Rainforest Cafe for Themed.

Into which Hogwarts house would you be sorted?