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Name: Ruby Ruff-n-Tumble
Number: #5of7
Position: Blocker

1. Can you fill us in on the meaning behind your name and number?
I loved the name Ruby from the get-go. I was originally Ruby Rough-House, but someone from a league in Canada already had that name registered and would not share. I was chatting about it with my teammate, Go-Go Uscari, and she suggested  Ruby Ruff-n-Tumble. I went with it. As for my number, I am the 5th child of 7 children. I have a crazy large family and they are really important to me. So it’s really a shout out to them and all of their support.

2. You started out as a ref for the league, do you think this helped you become a better derby player?
I think knowing how to ref is invaluable. It is a tough job and during games, skaters can get feisty. I didn’t understand why skaters got so worked up until I became a skater. Being a ref is like being in a big awesome family.  I have great respect for our referees. I do believe it has made me a better skater because I have that understanding of what it is like on the other side. I would recommend learning how to ref to anyone.

3. Would you recommend that to any new girls looking into being part of the league?
Absolutely! It helps you be a better player. If you miss recruitment, or need additional time to learn your skills, being a ref only makes you a stronger, more competitive player. I was a referee for 6 months prior to going through recruitment. I had a great opportunity to learn a lot of great skills during that time.

4. You’ve been skating with this league for 2 1/2 years, what was one of your best skating memories?
My best skating memory is when I won my first MVP Blocker award.  It was my first travel game and we were playing in Gainesville.  It was epic. I literally jumped up and down! I couldn’t stop smiling. During the 2 hour car ride home I kept saying to my husband, “Hey guess what?  I won an MVP!”

5. Who can we see cheering you on from in the stands?
You will almost always see my husband and son. They have been such an incredible support for me. I really could not do this without their love and support.

6. Derby can become very time consuming. How do you balance work, family, and friends with all of the other requirements?
It is tough, but achievable. It really is about time management. I work as a Social Worker in a very demanding field. Sometimes I am on call and it is a toss up as to whether I will make it to practice. I’m also very involved with my church. I do not attend anything on Sunday mornings, so I have to plan my participation carefully. My husband and I adopted a 15 year old last year, and we had to make adjustments as a family. We are looking to adopt again, and hopefully they will like derby as much as my son! It is a balancing act, and sometimes derby does not always come first, but I do my best.

7. As a newly announced captain, what do you see as some of the positives and negatives associated with the role?
This is a tough question! One of the positives is that I get to work with an incredible group of women. I really enjoy skating with them. I also get to work with our great leadership team who has allowed us to make some changes to better accommodate the schedules of individuals who would be an asset to the travel team. It’s tough to think of negatives as I have just started in the role. I suppose as a new captain, there will be a learning curve. I hope that I can support and be there for the women on our team. Fortunately, I am not afraid to make mistakes or apologize when I am wrong, which I believe is are good qualities to have.

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