The Snowbirds are coming!

The Snowbirds are coming!

Prepare yourselves… The Snowbirds are coming!

That’s right, ORD is welcoming back the Snowbird Bombers. 

Due to the size of our most recent recruitment class, it quickly became apparent that there was too much talent to fit onto our two home teams. So after some careful deliberation we decided that it was time for the long awaited return of our third home team, the Snowbird Bombers. 

But who would be joining the Snowbirds in their return? Who would switch sides? And who would lead the Snowbird’s thunderous CAW CAW?! That was up to the sorting hat to decide. 

On July 8th, the league gathered at Chateau Spooke, for a modern witch themed sorting party graciously hosted by WedneSLAY Maddams and the three precious pups. They anxiously awaited their turn to sit under the sorting hat and find out their new home team. 

After a night of fun, and delicious snacks, the results are in.  

The Heatwave HellCats who attended the sorting party – From left to right (Front Row) Hurt Macklin FBI, AWOL. (Second Row) Shreddy Krueger, Doughnuts, Alex, Stabby Cat, Iron Mavven. (Third Row) Buns of Teal, Ivana Crush You, Hickey Ricardo, SGT GY6. (Fourth Row)  Grim Possible, Divo, Sweet Lightning, Shania Pain, La Maldita.
The Manatee Mayhem who made it to the sorting party from left to right – (Front Row) Texxxass Chainsaw Mascara, Phelony Phatbottom, Crystal Ball, ReFlux, Mo-Mayham.  (Middle Row) Alley Gator Slayer, Hella Enchanted, Thrash Panda, Clown. (Third Row) JoJo, Gypsea Rough Lea, Electra, Slamasaurus, Barbarian Barbie, Wound-a-woman, T-Wrecks.
The Snowbird Bombers who were able to attend the sorting party – From left to right (Front Row) Jinx, Phoenix, Nacho Baby, Valkyrie (Second Row) Bambina, Chyenide, Hailey Explosive, Criss Cross Grapple Sauce. (Third Row) Dragon Eater, WendeSLAY Maddms, Knightro Jen (Fourth Row) Amina Acid, Aliendaze, Power Jenerator, Pummelgum, Hot Wheels. 

The Snowbirds Bombers New Fearless Leaders…

As part of the Sorting method the Hometown Hellcats and the Manatee Mayhem were able to keep their team captains. However, the Snowbird Bombers needed to hold an election. Aubrey anne of Tarth,  Criss Cross Grappelsauce, Hot Wheels, and Jinx were nominated but after a close race that almost ended in a four way tie the winners were  WedneSLAY Madams and Hot Wheels

Congratulations to the Snowbird Bombers Co-Captains!

When can we see the new teams play?

The new and improved home teams will face off on August 19th, 10:30AM, at Barnett Park Gym. You can find more information about that game and the rest of the season’s schedule on our Instagram and Facebook! 
And, if you’re not able to be there physically… You can stream the game on Twitch.