The Competitive Season is Back!

The Competitive Season is Back!

Announcing Orlando’s 2023 Travel Teams!

The WFTDA competitive season has returned in 2023 and Orlando Roller Derby is ready to make some moves. Earlier this month, travel team tryouts were held to determine placements on our A and B Travel Teams – the Ozone Slayers and the Sun Blockers. These two teams will represent Orlando Roller Derby in the international rankings published by WFTDA.

Tryouts were held over the course of three days. Each skater was tested on their skills in footwork, stability, control, gameplay and teamwork through individual drills, an obstacle course, and a scrimmage. Our new coach, JT, along with last season’s Ozone Slayers captains, Hailey Explosive and Hickey Ricardo, had the daunting task of evaluating each skater.

The results are in!

Congratulations to everyone who made the teams!

JT explaining the details before tryouts begin

Tell me more about the Travel Teams

Orlando Roller Derby has two travel teams. These teams strive to put Orlando on the map as they go head-to-head against other WFTDA teams. The Ozone Slayers are the All-Star team and represent Orlando Roller Derby’s top talent. The Sun Blockers consist of Orlando’s up and coming skaters.

Each team has a charter of 20 skaters that can be assigned to the roster for a sanctioned game. Sanctioned games are registered in advance with WFTDA and count towards the official rankings. For each game, a roster of 14 skaters plus 2 alternates is assigned. Crossover skaters is the term used to describe skaters that are on both travel teams. They will usually roster on the Sun Blockers and can fill in on the Ozone Slayers roster as needed.

When can we see them play?

Your first opportunity to see the travel teams in action at home will be April 15 in a double header against Tampa Roller Derby’s A and B teams. Keep an eye on the event page and Facebook for more details as the date approaches.

Let’s See Those Rosters!

Calling all roller derby leagues!

Calling all roller derby leagues!

Calling all roller derby leagues!

Orlando Roller Derby is hard at work planning the 2023 schedule and we want to play with YOU! Our A team is comprised of folks from a variety of backgrounds and is a competitive D3 travel team. Our B team are our up and comers with a mixed level of experience!

We’ve got several dates available here in Orlando for both the A and B teams. The dates are February 18, April 15, June 17, and August 19.

If those dates don’t work for your team, we also travel! Let us know where you are and if you are looking for us to visit in March, May, June, or October.

Fill out the interest form and we’ll be in touch to start scheduling!

Orlando Roller Derby Sept 17, 2022. Sun Blockers vs Swan City (Lakeland)

Happy Graduation!

Happy Graduation!

Congratulations to our latest batch of recruits!

The crowd went wild as we showcased our new recruits in their first scrimmage of Heroes v. Villains! Our new recruits had been training for this glorious scrimmage day since March and have come so far. This was the first time that these recruits got to share their derby names with the world as there were many fun names like “Strawberry Shortquake” and “Crystal Ball”. Many families and friends came to support these skater’s newfound addiction to roller derby and it was amazing to see some of these players get the support they deserve for all their hard work.

The Heroes showed valiant courage as Elektra, the Most Valuable Blocker, said that she “enjoyed the challenge of going up against the same blockers, learning how they block each time” and that she also loved jamming in that when she had a power jam she was exhausted but when she heard everyone cheering as she got out of the pack, it was what kept her on her skates. Her versatility on the track was definitely aspiring as most players are blockers or jammers, not both. 

The Villains also took the track instilling fear in their heroic opponents. In particular, Hotwheels (a.k.a Wheels), the Most Valuable Jammer for the Villains team, could not stop smiling as she sped around the track after breaking through the pack preparing for some knockout hits. Wheels says that she was even “cheering a bit even when the other team was scoring on us because they were still my friends” since the group is so close. 

The day before the game the recruits even had a shirt making party to coordinate their fun outfits for the bout theme! Some dressed as Moana with a frilled skirt, Repunzel with the long hair attached to the helmet, and even Scar from the Lion King with furry paws. This recruit class has grown to be so close and it was brilliantly apparent at the game as they worked together to prevent the jammers from scoring points. Our recruitment team could not be any more proud of them and all that they have accomplished! You can find them skating at the next home team game on November 12th, so don’t miss it!

Congatulations and welcome to the newest members of Orlando Roller Derby. Following the scrimmage, our new recruits were drafted to one of our two home teams.

Heatwave Hellcats

Meet the newest Hellcats!

  • Iron Mavven
  • Knightro-Jen
  • Philly Special
  • Strawberry Shortquake

Manatee Mayhem

Meet the newest Manatees!

  • Crystal Ball
  • Elektra
  • Hot Wheels
  • Karma Police
  • Nacho Baby

5 Things I’ve Gained from Joining Orlando Roller Derby

5 Things I’ve Gained from Joining Orlando Roller Derby

5 Things I’ve Gained from Joining Orlando Roller Derby

Last February, I did something crazy.

My new year’s resolution the month prior had been to do something for myself, as I’d gotten into a bit of a rut.  My work had largely taken over most of my time, my social life left a lot to be desired, and I was in serious need of an outlet.  So, I decided I was going to do something I had always been too afraid to do before: join roller derby. Little did I know that I was giving myself so much more than a new hobby.  

Here are the five biggest things I’ve gained from my first year with Orlando Roller Derby (ORD):

1. A fantastic new support system and circle of friends.  Joining recruitment introduced me to a few dozen of my new best friends.  It was easy to bond over learning a new skill or commiserating about our frustration over plow stops.  Before I knew it, I had a whole new circle of bright, talented, strong ladies that have my back on and off the track.  

2. A new appreciation for my body and what it can do.  I’ve always been very critical of myself, and a lot of that had to do with how I felt about my physical appearance.  One great side effect of playing roller derby was learning to appreciate my body for what it was capable of. Learning this new skill set and seeing myself progress as an athlete made me grateful for my strong legs instead of wanting to avoid showing them off in shorts.  It made me proud of myself for building the endurance I needed to finally hit 27 laps in 5 minutes.  Instead of scrutinizing myself, I found more reasons to be happy with what I saw in the mirror.  Praise the derby gods!

3. More self confidence.  Along with my newfound love of my thick thighs (they save lives, y’all!), my derby journey helped me gain a stronger sense of self.  When I put on skates, I get to become a more powerful and assertive version of me. The confidence I’ve gained through derby has translated into other aspects of my life.  I feel more equipped to advocate for myself, like when I recently negotiated a promotion and raise at work. Sure, I’ve always been worth it, but pre-derby me might not have had the guts to actually ask for it.

4. A healthy outlet for my anxiety and stress.  It’s no secret that exercise is an effective stress-reliever.  Skating is like magic- amazing, fun, stress-killing magic. I could come home from a long, crazy day at work, wanting nothing else than to throw myself unceremoniously onto my couch and staying there until bedtime, but on a derby night I pull my skates on and as I begin to warm up, I can feel the day’s anxiety buildup begin to melt away.  I could walk into practice feeling grumpy and tired, but after a few hours leave feeling relaxed, renewed, and very, very sweaty.

5. A stronger connection to our City Beautiful community.   One of the biggest motivating factors in joining ORD was its dedication to community service.  I was excited to be a part of an organization that cares passionately about its home. As a fairly new resident of Orlando, it meant a lot to me to become an active member of the community.  In the last year, the girls of ORD helped promote adoption and pet some gorgeous pups at the Pints for Paws event in Sanford, made cookies for a bake sale benefitting Girls Rock music camp, marched in the pride parade, killed it at some local trivia events, organized a food drive, and so much more.

Curious how roller derby could change your life for the better?  There is still time to join our next recruitment class. To get all the info and to sign up, just email [email protected] The first recruitment practice will be Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 9pm – so email now!  We’d love to roll with you.

Author: Murder, She Rolled

Orlando Roller Derby Rebrand Announcement – Part 1

Orlando Roller Derby Rebrand Announcement – Part 1

You may have heard whispers. You might have heard more, but it’s time to make it official.

Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls has rebranded! That means a new name, new imagery, and an exciting new structure.

After 8 years as Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls, we are proud to announce that we will move forward into 2017 and beyond as Orlando Roller Derby.

2016 was a year of big changes for our league. We were accepted to and graduated from the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Apprenticeship Program. We grew in number of skaters and volunteers. With those changes, we wanted our name to be inclusive of all our league members regardless of gender. It’s a new year, and, as a new WFTDA member league, the time is right for us to change our name and logo to better reflect not only the inclusiveness of our sport and league but also the vibrant, sunny City Beautiful that we play for and love.

We are Orlando. We are Orlando Roller Derby.

New Travel Teams


In addition to our overall league rebrand, we’ve also restructured and rebranded our travel teams. That’s right TEAMS.

Where we used to have one travel team, made up of our all star skaters; we now have two travel teams. Our all star team, formerly known as the Straight Jackettes, will now be the Ozone Slayers. This team is comprised of Orlando’s top skaters. They are striving to put Orlando on the map by going head-to-head against other WFTDA teams.

Our new travel B team is the Sun Blockers. This second travel team is a place for skaters to take their skills to the next level, focusing on growth and improvement, while playing competitively against leagues across the state.

Things to Watch For

Home Teams – We know all of you are wondering about our home teams. All three teams also got new names and logos. That’s why this article is only Part 1. Stay tuned for our release of the home team branding.

Merchandise – With a new name and logo comes new merch. Be sure to check it all out at our first home team game of the season on May 21.

Website – Obviously there is still a lot of work to do to get Orlando Roller Derby updated and ready for action. Bear with us as we update our website to reflect all of our new branding.

We hope our fans can agree that this rebrand is a move in the right direction for us. We’re really excited for what the future of our league looks like and we can’t wait to show you all what we’ve got.

As we enter the new season, we aim to bring you the same exciting, hard-hitting, and highly-competitive roller derby that you’ve come to know from Orlando Roller Derby. We hope to see you at our home opener – our St. Patrick’s Day Scrimmage on Sunday, March 12!

We Are Orlando – fiveonfive magazine featured article

We Are Orlando – fiveonfive magazine featured article



Orlando Roller Derby is honored to be featured in Quenby Sheree’s powerful, poignant article in this issue of fiveonfive magazine. While it’s hard to relive the events of that day, it reminds us of just how powerful our Orlando community can be when we stand strong together.

To purchase this issue, follow the link: Issue 33 – Fall 2016. You can also subscribe to get your own fiveonfive quarterly and support the publication dedicated to derby endeavors around the world.

Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1


View the PDF version of this article here: We Are Orlando PDF


March Newsletter

March Newsletter


Hello, Orlando Roller Derby fans! 
We could not have asked for a better season opener on Valentine’s Day! Crowds lined the rink at Semoran Skateway, keen to see what the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls would bring for the first bout of 2016.Our double-header event kicked off with the Sunnyland Slammers facing the Serial Thrillers. The Thrillers took an early lead but things got exciting toward the end of the second half, when Mimi Monoxide capitalized on a key power jam to close the gap. Both teams entered the second half focused and ready, but ultimately the Serial Thrillers came out on top with a score of 114. to 73.Up next, a tired Serial Thrillers bench faced the fresh legs of the Arkham Assailants, the 2015 season champs. The Thrillers had a tough time getting points on the board during the first half, pushing hard against Arkham’s strong blocking defense but not making much headway. Arkham’s jamming game remained strong for the entire bout, and although the Thrillers make an 80-point jump to tighten the score during the second half, it was no match for Arkham’s consistency. They ultimately bested the Thrillers 205 – 103.


Now that the season opener is behind us, here’s a look at the rest of OPCDG’s 2016 Schedule:
3/13 Sunnyland Slammers vs. Serial Thrillers

3/26 Straight Jackettes vs. Sintral Florida Derby Demons – AWAY

4/3 Arkham Assailants vs. Sunnyland Slammers

5/14 Straight Jackettes vs. Thunder City – AWAY

5/22 Serial Thrillers vs. Arkham Assailants

6/5 Straight Jackettes vs. Palm Coast – AWAY

6/12 Straight Jackettes vs. Sintral Florida Derby Demons

7/2 Straight Jackettes vs. South Florida – AWAY

7/17 Sunnyland Slammers vs. Arkham Assailants

8/7 Serial Thrillers vs. Sunnyland Slammers

8/28 Straight Jackettes vs. Thunder City

9/25 Straight Jackettes vs. Palm Coast (this might be a double header with home teams)

10/16 Straight Jackettes vs. South Florida


Buy your tickets here!

Sunnyland Slammers:
Julius Scissors – Pivot
Rican Havoc – Blocker
OMG Bekhi – JammerSerial Thrillers:
Madame Deadite – Pivot
Bloody Mandy – Blocker
Kittie Claws – JammerGAME 2 MVPS
Serial Thrillers: 
Madame Deadite – Pivot
Tiger Beatdown – Blocker
Kittie Claws – JammerArkham Assailants
Atom Smash-her – Pivot
Hart – Blocker
Artful Dodger – Jammer

February Volunteers:
Did you run in the Purple Pride 5K last Thursday? You might have run into an Orlando Roller Derby girl Volunteering! If you’re hosting an event and need volunteers reach out to our events director Luna Shovegood at [email protected]
 Before we leave you, can we talk about sponsorships? When you sponsor OPCDG, you not only get your name in front of an engaged, growing group of dedicated fans. You also align yourself with a group of women incredibly committed to their community, volunteerism and charity.
OPCDG arranges events where our skaters volunteer and each bout benefits a charity – the season opener doubled as a fundraiser for the American Heart Association and upcoming bouts will benefit Kids House, Autism Speaks and other great causes. Plus, sponsors are in great company: you like to join them? Email to [email protected] TODAY.







Fresh Meat Graduation

Fresh Meat Graduation


Lunachicks move into Psych Warden status.

Lunachicks Head to Warden Status

It seems like only yesterday the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls were making the rounds at various Central Florida locations to recruit the newest class of Lunachicks. Lunachicks are Orlando’s fresh meat that go through a 3 month recruitment program that teaches all the skills to meet the minimum skills required for skaters in leagues under the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) rules set.

11899850_909417702439877_1302591660534813697_nRequirements to become a full-fledged league member include  early Sunday morning practices, lending a hand at all OPCDG bouts, attending OPCDG affiliated events, and taking a two-part test. After the information night, Lunas, as the league calls them, enter a three-month period of learning all of the skills to prepare them to move into Psych Warden status. Once in Psych Warden status, these ladies are integrated into the scrimmaging phase of roller derby.

11111169_10153975526450110_8487625917682663388_n With over 30 new recruits starting the recruitment phase, our  league saw the highest number of new recruits move into Psych  Wardens. Twenty Lunas graduated to the next stage in their roller  derby careers on Wednesday September 2nd, 2015. These ladies  will begin practicing their scrimmage skills in small groups and  eventually rotate amongst the three Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls  home teams. The Psycho Sisters proudly congratulate every new Psych Warden and are excited to see what the future holds for these fierce contenders!

What’s in a Name

So, you decided you want to be a derby warrior: CONGRATS! You’ve just made one of the best decisions of your life.

Before you head over to an internet name generator (BOOOOORING!), remember that roller derby is an experience that changes your life forever. While you may have your name picked out before you start your first practice, think of your derby name as a tattoo. It’s going to stick around for a long time and changing it may not be as easy as it seems (you’re putting this moniker on legal documents, scrimmage shirts, helmets, jerseys, etcetera).

During the three months of recruitment, our Psych Wardens kept their lips sealed on what they would want to be called after testing. Their names were revealed when they moved into Psych Warden status. This class of Psych Wardens did not disappoint with their tributes to home states, literary characters, and entertainment industry personas.

Check out some of our top 5 picks from this class:

Rory Killmore

Miley Virus

Tikila Blockingbird

Nola Stomp

Shirley Temple of Doom


Tikila Blockingbird/ Honey Badger:


Swampher Stomp’her/Kittie Claws:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.00.56 PM

Cherry Chernobyl/ Luna Shovegood:


Sicilian Silence’her/ Mykillangelo:


Nola Stomp/ Madame Deadite:


Miley Virus/Koo Velvet:


Junie B. Bones/ Shred Bundy:


Sickmind Freud/Little Hitaly:


Shirley Temple of Doom/Missy Misdemeanor:


The Artful Dodger/Foxy Bloxy:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.05.26 PM

For more tips about choosing a derby name, check out SVRG’s Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Derby Name.

Bounty KillHer/Hart of War:


Rory Killmore/ Hickey Ricardo:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.00.44 PM

Rowdy Red Rousey/ Amina Acid:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.00.38 PM

Ex Machina/ Bowtie Bruiser :


Tiny Dancer/ Hillbilly Hoot’n Annie:


Myth Domination/ Sergeant Slaughter : 


Veruk Assault/ Block Dahlia :


SlayAnne/ Shod N.Froyda:


Acu punch her/ Wrecks Manning :


Maven McFly/ OMG Bekhi:



Be Your Own Hero

Lunachicks gear up for their first night of recruitment.

Curious about what it takes to be a roller derby hero?

Throw those excuses out and join us at one of our recruitment information sessions to pique your interest.

Our recruitment coach, Awol, has an incredibly effective and well-laid out plan to prepare you for Psych Warden status.

For information about OPCDG’s next recruitment information session, email [email protected]

Contributing Writer: Luna Shovegood 


Psycho Sisters

Straight Jackettes vs. Team Zebra Sunday November 9th

Straight Jackettes vs. Team Zebra Sunday November 9th



Come watch Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls travel team, the Straight Jackettes take on Team Zebra (A team composed entirely of Referees!) Doors at 4:30pm, first whistle at 5:00pm. It’ll all go down in our home rink, Semoran Skateway.

Food and BEER will be available at the snack bar.

We will have a 50/50 raffle, bring some cash!

Remember to bring your own chairs; chairs with rubber bottoms are allowed on the track, high heels are not.

And don’t forget, you can take home a piece of OPCDG with one of our league or team shirts, or even a one of a kind, derby girl made, necklaces, magnets, and more.

After party will be directly after the game, at Friendly Confines Winter Park.

Tickets are $10 in advance through BrownPaperTickets or $13 at the door.

Straight Jackettes vs. Rebel Belles

Straight Jackettes vs. Rebel Belles

Your OPCDG Straight Jackettes are making their way to Palm Harbor this Sunday to play the Rebel Belles!


Sunday, August 3rd, 3PM at Sunderman Recreational Complex 1631 9th St, Palm Harbor, FL

You can visit the Rebel Belle’s website here.

We welcome all OPCDG fans to join us and cheer on your favorite derby girl!